Campaigning and Advocacy

We seek to promote a fair and just society in which the value of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants is recognised and where their rights are upheld. We do this by campaigning on issues affecting our clients' lives. We work with Local Authorities to improve their practices and advocate on behalf of our clients. Our work involves speaking out against the current hostile environment and policies which discriminate against migrants and refugees. In collaboration with other migrant and refugee organisations we build capacity, produce high-quality research and lobby for change.

We campaign to promote human rights of migrants and refugees in a number of ways:

campaign, speak out and research

In 2017 we have launched our first report 'Making Change Happen' and identified a number of key policy issues we will focus on in the coming year. You can download our report here.

Our expertise and experience in providing advice to migrant and refugee communities for over 25 years, and being strongly embedded in the local community means that we know and understand the issues our clients face.

Our current priorities are: