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Doctors of the World Mobile clinic at LRMN

The DOTW mobile clinic is back. If you are experiencing issues when trying to access healthcare or seeing a GP you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL advice and support at DOTW’s mobile health clinic.

A team of GPs and health workers will be available to help you with any of the following:

  • Consult in private with a medical professional (a GP or nurse)

  • Get help registering with a GP (a doctor)

  • Fill in a HC1 form for help with the cost of prescriptions, dental care and glasses (if you are not working)

  • If you are pregnant, get help to see a midwife at hospital to check the health of you and your baby

  • Get support to terminate a pregnancy

  • Be tested for HIV and other infections you can get from having sex

  • Get information on how you can control when you get pregnant

  • Understand your entitlement to medical (NHS) care in the UK, and what happens if you get a bill

  • Be supported to find other services useful for you

To book an appointment call us on 02086940323 or email