Knowledge Hub

We believe that information is important. We have put together a list of useful resources and links to help you keep informed on issues related to the world of migration

Refugee or Migrant?

These two words are often used interchangeably - leading to mis-information amongst the public. The UNCHR provides a useful guide on the differences between these two terms. 

no recourse to public funds

The term 'NRPF' is often used - however many people might not know what it means. The NRPF Network has a great guide on what it means and the entitlements people with this status have access to.

Universal credit (UC)

UC is a new type of benefit which will affect thousands of people every year. Many types of benefits will be replaced by Universal Credit. If you need advice on UC please get in touch with us. You can read more about it on the CAB website.


Every year thousands of people are made homeless and end up sleeping rough in London. Unfortunately these numbers are going up - and these figures also include many children. Trust for London provides a great insight into homelessness into the capital. 

hostile environment

Since 2010 the Government's Hostile Environment policy has set out to create an environment which was "hostile" for all illegal migrants in the UK. Read more about it in a report produced by Liberty.

women in the asylum system

Learn about women's experience with the Asylum System in the UK in this report by The Refugee Council and the Asylum Support Appeals Project.


Doctors of the World (DOTW) supports NHS doctors, nurses and administrators to provide quality healthcare to all their patients is a key part of what we do in the UK. Informed by the experiences and challenges faced by the patients at our clinics, they provide practical resources and a professional training programme for NHS staff clinical.

Their Safe Surgeries initiative aims to improve access to primary care by supporting better GP registration policies.