Lift the Ban

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Today, in the UK people who are seeking refugee status are not allowed to work while they wait for a decision to be made on their case. This decision can take months, often years to be made. This means that people are left with very little money to survive on (only £5.39) a day, which should support both them and their families. At the same time, the talent and experience of these people goes to waste…

We think this needs to change as that’s not right. We believe that people who risk everything, sometimes even their lives, should be given the chance to integrate into society and contribute to their community. A simple solution is available for this: allow people who are seeking asylum to work.

The Lift the Ban coalition is a group of organisations campaigning to make sure this happens.

 You can read more about the Coalition and what you can do to help here:

Download the full report from here to learn more about the ban to work affects so many people’s lives.

 In the coming months we will be working on a number of activities to promote the campaign, if you would like to get involved with us please get in touch with us (



What can you do to help?

Here are some ways in which you can act NOW:

SIGN the petition here and help ensure asylum seekers have the right to work.

SHARE this petition with your friends and family.

WRITE to your MP. Download the sample letter here.

SUPPORT our work so we can continue fighting for the rights of those who need it most. You can donate to us here.