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Join or organise an event

Why not organise your own event, or join one of our many walks, runs, film screenings, bake sales, pub quizzes etc.

We host regular fundraising events you can attend - the more the merrier! In the last year we have...

  • Hosted a Bake Sale

  • Walked 10km in support of the London Legal Support Trust... watch a video here

  • Screened a the documentary "They Will Have to Kill us First" at the Catford Constitutional Club and had the director give a Q&A at the end of the session

  • Run the Virgin London Marathon

Organise your own event and fundraise for us

Why not organise your own event? No matter if you want to bake, run, swim, cook a dinner, organise a pub quiz... find what suits you most and organise an event in aide of our services!

Holding a fundraiser at your office? Why not donate the proceeds to LRMN? Wear fancy dress, host a lunch, hold a games tournament or a bake off, anything goes!

Holding a festival, a car boot sale, bake sale, pub quiz, raffle, music night or any other event? Choose LRMN as your recipient charity, and support our services.


You can fundraise for us by attend one of the events below, whether you are a keen runner, cyclist or walker... there is something for everyone. Please get in touch with us to register:

To join one of these events and fundraise for us please email us on or call us on 020 8694 0323


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