Our current volunteers and students on placement


Antonia McDonald / Knitting Tutor

Clare Maclure / ESOL Teacher

Shirley Stewart / ESOL Teacher

Mike Newey / Reception volunteer

Graham Jamesons / English Literacy Teacher

Tanya Cook / Immigration Caseworker

Yvonne Kasoka / Immigration Caseworker

Emma Noble / Immigration Adviser

Zoline Makosso / Women's Project Volunteer

Pam Moncrieffe / Receptionist

Vince Nardone / Research & Design Consultant

Bongiwe Mgabi / Creche worker

Arezu Isats / Creche worker

Beeke Melcher / Social Policy and Campaigning

Maria Gonzalez-Rodriguez / Housing and Welfare Benefits Casework Assistant

Petula Codrington / Sewing Tutor

Valeria Rizzo / Admin and Reception Volunteer

Nick Williams/ Communications and Campaigning

Matt Hawkins/ Campaigning consultant

Rebecca Parnell/ Communications and Fundraisng

Lucy Furneaux/ Fundraising

Krystal Somuah/ Women's Project Office Volunteer

Emily Holloway/ Fundraising Volunteer

Andrew Noel/ Refugee Casework Volunteer


Students on placement and Trainee Counsellors

Myra Berg / Volunteer Counsellor

Maia Franzetti / Trainee Counsellor

Rosalind Blachowoska / Trainee Counsellor

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