Why we are joining the Climate Strike

LRMN is an organisation which exists to defend and uphold the rights of all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. 25 years ago we were set up by a group of people who identified as migrants who recognised the need for a community group that would support and advice other migrants who lived in Lewisham and other parts of south London.

Still to this day the core of our work is to advise and advocate for people facing hardship, destitution, homelessness and discrimination, but we recognise that in order to really have an impact and achieve sustainable change we have to join forces with groups addressing environmental destruction and climate change.

It is increasingly being acknowledged how the devastating effects of climate change will be felt most harshly by communities in the global south, and we know that people are already facing displacement and forced migration as a result of extreme weather events due to climate change.

Because of this we believe that climate justice and migrant justice are intertwined and should be not be viewed as separate battles.

For this reason we will be joining other migrants’ rights groups including JCWI, Migrants Organise,  Asylum Matters and more and invite you to join us too.

On Thursday 20th September people across the globe will demand action from their Governments to tackle the issue of climate change, inspired by the youth strikes movement (Fridays for Future).

You can join us too – but if you can’t, then we invite you to talk to your friends, families and colleagues about this issue, tweet about it, share on Facebook and spread the word.

Details of the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/386719498701309/

To join us get in touch at info@lrmn.org.uk

Alessandra Sciarra