London Borough of Culture Award - VOTE FOR LEWISHAM

The GLA has re-opened bids for the London Borough of Culture Award with £1.3m of funding available to the winner. The award celebrates the “character and diversity of London’s boroughs and reinforces the message that culture is for everyone.” Help Lewisham become London’s next Borough of Culture by the 28 October 2019 bid deadline. 

There are a few ways in which you can help Lewisham win the bid and the accompanying prize which will help the borough develop is culture and communities. 

 The first thing you should do, which only requires a moment of your time, is to sign and share our bid at

The pledge already has over 1,000 signatures, but Waltham Forest had 13,000 when they won the 2019 award, so we’ve got spread the message!

 Another way to help support the bid is to tag your social media posts of the hotspots and cultural events you’re enjoying in the borough with the #loveitlewisham and the GLA’s #mylocalculture hashtags! This activity feeds into a microsite and lets the GLA see all the great things Lewisham has to offer.

Last, promote the bid at your local assembly. The GLA visited a couple of assemblies before the summer break and will be visiting more in the Autumn - let’s show them what we love about Lewisham!

We know that Lewisham has a rich and vibrant culture that we enjoy, build, and express ourselves in. From theatre and music to visual arts to historical sites, Lewisham’s many communities have created a borough that is home to an innovative, collaborative, and welcoming cultural scene. Let’s make Lewisham the next London Borough of Culture!



Alessandra Sciarra