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November 28, 2023

Our new Impact Report 2023 is here!

Keep reading to find out more about our efforts to support migrants!

Ever wondered what LRMN gets up to year-round? With so many services and campaigns offered to refugees and migrants it’s easy to lose track – but that’s what our annual round-up is for!

From immigration advice, campaigning for change, improving wellbeing to emergency support – keep reading for more info on how LRMN improved support for migrants in our community.

Facts and figures


People supported by LRMN


People given immigration advice


Of Lewisham GPs are Safe Surgeries

Message from our CEO

We will always stand by people standing up to an unjust immigration system. This year, we have also ensured that our services respond directly to the needs of our communities. In addition to our longstanding services, including specialist legal advice on immigration, housing, welfare and support for women survivors of gender-based abuse, we were able to secure funding for new services, as well as continue our campaigning work.

More and more people coming through our doors at LRMN are asylum seekers staying in unsuitable accommodation, meaning that we’ve been offering outreach support alongside other partners.
In the coming year, we will continue to work for our communities, and campaign for sanctuary for all.

LRMN truly provides a safe haven for people simply trying to rebuild their lives, and that is down to our wonderful team, the trustees, the volunteers, and our clients, who make LRMN creative, dynamic, joyful, and effective in making real, tangible change.

A real difference – Miri’s story

When Tatsu found Miri sleeping in the corridor of her building, she couldn’t imagine what Miri had been through. After hearing her story, Tatsu brought Miri straight to LRMN, where we started our work to support her.

Miri’s in-laws had been threatening her, and she had been experiencing domestic abuse. One day, Miri couldn’t take it anymore and left for the UK with her children.
She had saved all her money to pay the agency for the documents, travel, and accommodation, transferring her life savings.

However, Miri’s host took her money and passport to lock them away. Then she made Miri work in the house, unpaid. Miri’s children were not allowed to leave their bedroom. It was violent, difficult, and exhausting – and one day, she had packed her bags and ran. 

LRMN immediately secured emergency support and accommodation for Miri and her family, and secured immigration advice from a specialist agency working on modern slavery. As a result, Miri is now on the path to being safely able to stay in the UK, getting the support she needs, and her children are finally able to attend school. 

Overcoming isolation – Delilah’s story

When Delilah came to LRMN, she was struggling with low confidence. Having experienced gender-based abuse, she was determined to rebuild her life in the UK.Despite her professional background, she often felt isolated in the UK and was anxious about her standard of English.

After joining our women’s activities, she was introduced to Building People, Changing Minds. She signed up to become a volunteer and took part in Employment and Sanctuary training run by LRMN. During her placements, her confidence blossomed. She was able to practise her English and bring out the professional skills she had cultivated over the years.

With this newfound confidence, she was able to encourage a local institution to commit to becoming a place of sanctuary. Now, she plans to take on more volunteering in the Borough in order to continue developing her connections across Lewisham, improving her mental health through social connection.

Many of those who walk through the doors of LRMN feel alone. We work to break down those barriers, supporting people to build their communities back up.

Click here to read the full Impact Report.
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