Refugee Resettlement Programme


We are working in partnership with the Refugee Council to deliver life-changing support to resettled refugees from Syria, Iraq and other countries across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Region.

Every year the UK welcomes resettles a number of refugees under the VPRS (Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme), and in coordination with the UNHCR and local partner agencies, families escaping violence and conflict are supported in rebuilding a life in the UK.

Our aim is to ensure each and every individual resettling here achieves independence and is well placed to become an active member of their community. Our role is to be there when people need it most and provide them with the emotional and practical support they require to be empowered.


  • Offer a weekly advice drop-in where people can receive support by immigration and housing solicitors

  • Housing advice and support - help with any issue the families are facing

  • Employment advice and coaching - One to one support by an employment adviser to help in finding paid employment, volunteering and training opportunities

  • Empower people to know their rights - We want to make sure the families are aware of their rights and entitlements, so we offer training and support on these issues

  • English classes - We provide weekly English classes for all levels

  • Connecting people and reducing isolation - We want to empower people and want to ake sure they are connected to their new community. Our team provides support and advice on activities and groups to make sure they are well-set to integrate