“I am so overwhelmed about the service I received, my lawyer and the staff were incredibly helpful… Thank you so much for your kindness towards me and my kids..”

-- Afuom*,  received immigration advice from us

“I just want to appreciate all that LRMN has done for me, here with nothing, depressed and destitute last year… LRMN helped me get my immigration status and help me back on my feet with my children, collecting nothing. Thank you so much for being there for me”

-- Chandice*, received housing and welfare benefits advice from us

“Having my indefinite leave to remain will change my life and I have you to thank”

-- Heybe*, received immigration advice from us

“I am extremely grateful to LRMN taking my case with so little time. My adviser was considerate of my mental health issues and reassured me. He kept me informed of everything. He was absolutely nice"

-- Cristoforu*, received housing advice

I was very happy to escape my bubble and to learn about other people’s reality. I think it personally helped me evolve and put every day thing’s into perspective.  Also felt like, even though indirectly, I was helping a charity that really made a difference in other peoples’ lives. This was very fulfilling.

-- Social Media & Communications Volunteer

I think the people at LRMN are doing a great job in what they set out to do. At the same time, there seems to be an emphasis on self-improvement and growth in terms of the scale of the charity. I think this is vital in having a wider reach and effectively helping more people.

-- Fundraising Volunteer

This volunteering experience helped me secure a job and help fill the gap in my employment

-- Casework Assistant Volunteer