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February 01, 2024

Join our new Community Events group!

 An idea so good we can't believe we haven't been doing it this whole time - a space for all of our communities events, classes and opportunities, all in one place!

We’ve launched our Community News Whatsapp – a group for the people we work with to stay informed about everything that’s available to them.
All of our opportunities are free and open to all unless otherwise specified.


You can join our Whatsapp group by clicking on this link and sending us a message to be added.

Alongside the group we have collated all information on this calendar that is updated weekly!

We created the group because we saw a need to collate all the events that came our way.
Signposting to essential services and offering vital advice comes first, but can we also further build welcome into our community?

Let’s facilitate the integration of sanctuary seekers and highlight regional events so we can truly come together.
The merrier the better!